Isis Alonso

Research section: Behavioural and Translational Neuroscience
Office: O2 12E17

Main research interests: Alcohol addiction and relapse, reward processing, optogenetics, calcium imaging, behaviour and neural circuits.

Nathan Marchant

My research is concerned with the neurobiological mechanisms underlying pathological behaviours, with a focus on alcohol addiction. I use animal models of alcohol addiction that capture the negative consequences of excessive drug use: a model of context-induced relapse after punishment imposed abstinence, and a model that identifies a sub-population of animals that are resistant to punishment of alcohol use. My research aim is to describe the neural circuitry that is responsible for these behavioural phenotypes. To do this, I combine animal behaviour with neuroscience techniques including Fos immunohistochemistry, retrograde tracing, chemogenetics and optogenetics, and calcium imaging.

Main research interests:

Behavioral neuroscience, neuroanatomy, addiction, relapse, alcohol.

Guy One

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